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Character & Leadership Development

The Arts

     Keystone Clubs

    Digital Arts Festivals

     Torch Clubs

    Digital Arts Suite

     Youth of the Year

    ImageMakers Photography Program


    Music Makers

Education & Career Development

    National Fine Arts Exhibit


Sports, Fitness & Recreation


     Jr. NBA/Jr. WNBA

     Goals for Graduation

     MLB S.T.A.R. Award

     Junior Staff Program

     Triple Play

     Money Matters: Make It Count

     Triple Play: Sports Clubs

     Power Hour: Making Minutes Count

     Fitness Programs

     Project Learn


     Skill Tech


     Skill Tech II


Specialized Initiatives

Health & Life Skills

     Club Tech

     Cavity-Free Zone

     Delinquency Prevention

     Date SMART

     Delinquency Intervention

     Healthy Habits

     Embracing Inclusion


     Family Advocacy Network (FAN Club)

     Passport to Manhood

     Family PLUS

     SMART Girls

     Latino Outreach

     SMART Leaders

     Gang Prevention Through Targeted Outreach

     SMART Moves

     Gang Intervention Through Targeted Outreach


     Targeted Re-Integration

Planning & Evaluation

     Teen Initiative

     Getting Started with Technology


     Honor Awards for Program      Excellence

     Youth for Unity

     Impact Assessment


     Outcome Measurement Tool Kit




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