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Boys & Girls Clubs are our nations oldest American born youth organization.  The Boys Club incorporated in 1906 but originated in1860 by three women performing after school programs in the form of cookies and homework help.


Boys & Girls Clubs are the fastest growing youth organization in the USA.


Boys and Girls Clubs are also located at many of the Armed Forces Bases around the world.


The Boys and Girls Clubs are located in 15 Countries overseas.


Boys & Girls Clubs are the #1 youth charity among philanthropists.


Clubs are professionally staffed supplemented by part time & volunteers.


Clubs are facility based. Located where we are needed.


Clubs have an open door policy to youth ages 5-18.  Youth are expected to respect their club and participate in the club programs.


Fees are low enough so that any youth can afford to belong. Our cost for membership is $20.00 a year for the school year and no child is refused a membership if they are unable to purchase a membership.  Summer fees vary depending on lenght of summer program.


Clubs use a youth development strategy that develops self-esteem, a sense of power & influence, and a sense of belonging among youth.


Clubs do not discriminate and requires no proof of good character for membership but seek to work with those problem youth as well as those youth of good character.


44% of our youth come from families that earn $15 K or less.


51% come from families that have three or more children.


55% are raised by a single parent.


69% are minority.


52% are male & 48% are female.


 There are 25 Boys & Girls Club organizations in the State of Alabama.


There are over 150,000 youth & their families served by the Boys & Girls Clubs in Alabama.  According to the National Organization over 4.9 million youth were served nation wide in 2007.


Most Clubs participate in national Boys & Girls Club programs that include: Drug, alcohol & teen pregnancy prevention, athletic and fitness programs, after school tutorial classes, leadership programs for teens, education and tech programs, conflict resolution & violence prevention & family support including job readiness & training. Also other programs are offered by our partners.


Some Clubs are located in low-income areas accessible to the largest number of at risk youth. But all youth need to be served. Therefore new sites for units will be considered in all areas.
We have partnered with churches such as St Paulís Lutheran Church, Beltline Church of Christ, First Baptist Hartselle, and Kings Memeriol Methodist to develop clubs either operated by them or located in their facility.  Partnerships with other youth serving agencies have also being deveolped such as; Morgan County System of Services, PACT, Decatur Youth Services, Red Cross. Junior Achievement and others in our community. 


Our Organization has joined in partnerships with Agencies to serve children wherever there is a need. We have nine schools that we have verbal or written agreements.  We made available ot those schools a Program called LightSpan which helps children increase their knowledge in the basic skills (Language Arts, Reading and Math). We also provide programs to serve court ordered children, children with angry problems and school troubled or drop-outs on a one to one basis at the Morgan County Sysyem of Services unit.    

On an average it costs The Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Alabama about $600.00 annually per Club member to provide daily programs & services during the hours youth need us the most. (After school & when school is out during the summer months).


It costs the taxpayer of our state $45,000 + to incarcerate an individual into the penal system for one year.


 There are seven Boys & Girls located in Morgan and Lawrence Counties five in the City of Decatur. Two of the five Clubs in Decatur is located Public Housing.   Two Units located in Lawrence County.   
Your Boys & Girls Clubs opened in Morgan County in 1938 and was called the Red Shield Club. Therfore has a long rich history in our area.  


Our National Office newest vision for the future is to aim for the highest quality of programs that can be provided for our children.  Also to get involved more within the schools and community. Meaning to involve ourselves in any positive area in the community that has outcomes for children. Including working more with parents and teens.
Read More about our Impact 2012 Goals.  
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