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Study Shows Clubs Work
Boys & Girls Clubs of America has been changing young lives since 1860 when the first Club was organized. An independent study of Club alumni confirms what Club professionals and alumni have known all along. Clubs work.

Results of this study indisputably prove that the Club experience gives children advantages that last a lifetime. Clubs throughout America - and affiliates overseas - are providing the guidance and care needed to turn young lives around. In fact, more than half of Club alumni recently surveyed say the Club saved their lives.

An independent survey of alumni, conducted by Louis Harris & Associates, verifies that Boys & Girls Clubs widely benefit young people through effective programs that foster self-confidence, a sense of belonging and hope for the future. Additionally, communities in need gain much from the presence of Clubs. Alumni from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds strongly emphasize the positive impact of Clubs.

Boys & Girls Clubs are located in all 50 states, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and on military bases throughout the world. More than 3,000 Clubs serve some 3.3 million young people, providing opportunities that impact lives and create the productive citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Boys & Girls Clubs Critical to Success
This study determined that "alumni view their experiences with Clubs as highly positive, critical to their successes, and, for many, essential to their survival." The survey also determined that Clubs had a profound impact on many who report their lives had been saved. Some 30% of alumni from "tough" neighborhoods and 38% of African-American alumni polled strongly agree.

Participating in the Club really saved my life:

  • 30% somewhat agree
  • 22% strongly agree

Alumni survey ranked the following Club activities as "very important":

       Tutoring/help with schoolwork     73%
Career development 71%
Organized/team sports 70%
Swimming lessons 70%
Recreation / exercise / game room 69%
Outings / trips / cultural activities 66%
Counseling or mentoring 64%
Camping 62%
Social activities 60%
Technology 60%
Community service 58%
Health programs 55%
Arts & crafts / wood shop 49%

For a majority, the Club was not only one of the best things available - it was often the only place to go:

The Club was one of the best things available in my community:

  • 26% somewhat agree
  • 69% strongly agree

The Club was the only place to go after school in my neighborhood:

  • 30% somewhat agree
  • 35% strongly agree

Club staff have had a positive effect on members' lives in many critical ways:

       Knowing right from wrong     80%
Self-confidence 79%
Self-esteem as a child or adolescent 78%
Learning good leadership skills 72%
Ability to avoid difficulty with the law 70%
Having someone to talk to 69%
Goals and aspirations 64%
Work life and later career 57%
Success in high school 56%

You're in good company.

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